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Classes at:, Various Locations in, Spalding & Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.

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Tel: 07944246233

Elite Martial Arts and Self-Defence Coaching Based on Knowledge, Understanging, Attitude and Practice

At KarateSpalding we combine traditional Martial Arts values and training with modern Self Defence techniques and coaching methods. We specialize in perfecting technique whilst creating a fun and friendly learning environment for everybody from children to adults, beginners to experienced practitioners, male and female.

Adults can develop their aerobic fitness, agility and flexibility, whilst children learn discipline, respect and self confidence.

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Tel: 07944246233

Great for Adults

A great way to get fit and stay in shape as well as improve personal safety when walking the street. Physical training can also help lower the risk of some major illnesses.

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Great for kids

Fun filled classes for 5 to 11 years old made up of Life skills, Safety skills and Martial art skills. Find out what benefits your child can gain from our Lil' Dragons classes...

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What People Say

"Sensei Eddie is brilliant with the kids, combining the serious disciplines of martial arts with a lot of fun! Individual coaching (ably assisted by Sensei Martin and Sensei Helen), group activities, games and life skills. Both my kids really look forward to training (and so does Dad!)"

Martin Walters

"People are so friendly, help kids with their confidence and encouraging kids to learn. My son has done so well, he has a lot more confidence."

Sharron Tarry

"An eclectic mix from ju-jitsu to self defence with a walking stick. I go with my children and we all love it!"

Jason Martindale

Karate Lincolnshire - Martial Arts Classes in Spalding & Boston

About Us

Here at Karate Spalding, we have been teaching karate to adults and children of all ages since 2001. We develop fitness & self defence techniques, whilst providing character education and promoting personal development.

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Classes at:
Various Locations in
Spalding & Boston

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